Side Table

Side Table


A small side table for a city loft

Date: July, 2013
Status: In development


A design for a small side table on a rotating base, arising as a response to a client’s request to have a sculptural yet functional table to use in the tight confines of their NYC apartment. Designed using 3d parametric modeling software, versions are being constructed out of water-cut, powder-coated steel and lacquered plywood. The table was conceived as a set of folded surfaces, designed to lean slightly over an armchair or a bed, yet rotate out of the way easily. A thin profile reduces visual clutter. The body of the table opens up to provide stability as well as a space for magazines and books. A small shelf in one elevation becomes a perch for a remote control in another. The base of the table conceals a stainless steel ring bearing for smooth rotation.

Furniture design plays an important role at Back40. The direct relationship between form and function does not allow a piece of furniture to be loaded with the caprice of the designer without suffering in some way. Furniture design is a way to get back to the essence of the design problem while deploying the newest tools of the trade to solve design problems, shorten the path to fabrication and bridge across disciplines.


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